Committed to Your Safety!

Heart to Heart Home Care Services is crucial in ensuring the health and safety of our community’s residents. When contemplating home care for yourself or a loved one, it is critical to work with a professional home care service that has procedures and processes in place to give a sense of peace and allow you to stay comfortably safe in your own home. Please be assured that our management is persistent in our dedication to our clients’ and employees’ health and safety.

We’d like to share with you the significant steps our agency has made to protect the health and safety of our home care clients and caregivers at this unprecedented moment in the world. Various health and safety procedures have been implemented for your protection, as listed below.

Telephone Screening

In compliance with CDC guidelines, all clients are telephone-screened for COVID-19 symptoms. Before beginning home care services, all new clients are also prescreened. Caregivers are trained to monitor and identify COVID-19 symptoms.

Caregiver Reporting

When our caregivers arrive at a client’s home, they clock in using a smartphone app. Our clock-in process now requires our caregivers to respond to screening questions about COVID-19 symptoms.

If a caregiver answers “No” to these questions during the clock-in procedure, they are allowed to begin their shift. If the caregiver answers “Yes” to any of the questions, they will be unable to clock in, and the office staff will be notified immediately.

Caregiver Training

All employees are required to take our COVID-19 infection control training. Our COVID-19 training is in addition to the mandated Universal Precautions training that all our caregivers complete during their new hire orientation.

Personal Protective Equipment

Facial Mask- All employees and clients receive KN-95 face masks.

Gloves for Protection- Gloves are supplied to caregivers for use in client homes.

Hand Sanitizer- The best approach for hand cleansing and infection control, according to the Centers for Disease Control, is soap and water. Caregivers and clients are also given hand sanitizer to use when soap and water are not readily accessible.

Full PPE (Gowns, Face Shields, Etc.)- We provide full PPE for all mitigating infection control situations, including COVID-19 positive care cases.

Testing & Vaccination

We are always encouraging our employees and clients to be vaccinated against COVID-19. And, while we recognize that this is a personal decision, we have developed an emergency plan and processes to deal with a variety of instances.

For example:

  • Clients who have not been vaccinated or are exhibiting symptoms must wear a face mask during care visits.
  • Caregivers are required to wear a face mask during their visits.
  • Unvaccinated caregivers must provide COVID-19 test results weekly.